Tri-County North

School District

Tri-County North Virtual Academy

Tri-County North Local Schools will be offering courses online for those students who choose not to return to our brick and mortar school due to Covid-19 that allow you to remain a member of the Tri-County North family.  Tri-County North Virtual Academy is an independent program affiliated with the Tri-County North Local School District that is completely online.  Courses through TCNVA are available to students from kindergarten through high school.  TCNVA will not be taught by Tri-County North teachers but taught by video instruction from teachers across the country.  



Parents/Guardians can pick up enrollment packets from the district office or complete them online by August 14, 2020.  Students will have two weeks once school begins to make a determination on continuing their education through Tri-County North Virtual Academy or returning to Tri-County North Local School.  After two weeks, students will continue through the online program for the 1st semester, this will allow for continuity of the education.  If a student wishes to return after the 1st semester, the student will notify the building level counselor by December 11, 2020.  

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Course Length

The Tri-County North Virtual Academy delivers its courses through an intuitive student interface. Within each course, students are provided with "lessons" that encompass all the resources to teach, convey, reinforce, and help the student learn and master a concept(Acellus). Each course is self-paced and students and parents can monitor progress. Tri-County North has hired a teacher for our in-house online program and will help coordinate  the Tri-County North Virtual Academy.  It will be monitored by the building principals for academic progress as well. 

Equipment and Internet

Each student will be able to use their school issued Chromebook to complete coursework. Internet access will be the responsibility of the student. 

Participation in Tri-County North Activities/Athletics

Students who are completing coursework through Tri-County North Virtual Academy are considered students of Tri-County North and will be afforded all the opportunities as a traditional student.  Middle and high school students will need to complete the same necessary requirements for eligibility as determined by the OHSAA as the traditional students.  Students will only be allowed to participate in school activities once the school day has been completed, unless an exception is made by the building principal.


Tri-County North Virtual Academy students will continue to receive updates through their school email accounts, One call messages, Tri-County North district Facebook page and the Tri-County North Schools website.  

Course Offerings

Students will be expected to log on and take classes everyday during the normal school year.

Elementary Students will be taking: 

Math, LA/Reading, Science, SS, Foundations of Music and Social Emotional Learning.  Other elective courses are available upon completion of the courses listed above.

Middle School Students will be taking:

Math, LA/Reading, Science, SS, and two elective courses such as Health, STEM, Social Emotional Learning, personal finance, geography.

High School Students will be offered:



– Algebra I (1.0)

– Geometry (1.0)

– Algebra II (1.0)

– Trigonometry (0.5)

– College Exam Math Prep (0.5)

– Pre-Calculus (1.0)

– AP Calculus AB (1.0)

– AP Calculus BC (1.0)

– AP Statistics (1.0)

Foreign Languages

– French I (1.0)

– French II (1.0)

– German I (1.0)

– German II (1.0)

– Spanish I (1.0)

– Spanish II (1.0)

– Spanish III (1.0)

Language Arts

– English I (1.0)

– English II (1.0)

– American Lit. – English III (1.0)

– British Lit. – English IV (1.0)

– College Prep – English IV (1.0)

– AP Eng. Literature & Comp. (1.0)

– AP Eng. Language & Comp. (1.0)

Fine Arts

– Music Appreciation (1.0)

– AP Music Theory (1.0)

– AP Studio Art – Drawing (1.0)

-Collaborative Theatre (1.0)


Career & Technical Education

– AP Computer Science A (1.0)

– AP Computer Science Prin. (1.0)

– Business Management (1.0)

– Electrical Technology I (1.0)

– Electrical Technology II (1.0)

– Info Management I (1.0)

– Info Management II (1.0)

– Medical Terminology (1.0)

– Plumbing Technology I (1.0)

– Plumbing Technology II (1.0)

– Intro to Accounting (1.0)

– Business, Marketing, & Fin. (1.0)

– Investigating Careers (1.0)

– College & Career Readiness (1.0)

– Instructional Standards in Edu. (1.0)

– Mastering Microsoft Excel (1.0)


– Physical Science (1.0)

– General Biology (1.0)

– Honors Biology (1.0)

– AP Biology (1.0)

– General Chemistry (1.0)

– Honors Chemistry (1.0)

– AP Chemistry (1.0)

– General Physics (1.0)

– Honors Physics (1.0)

– AP Physics I (1.0)

– Environmental Science (1.0)

– AP Environmental Science (1.0)


History / Social Studies

– US History A – (1877 – 1940) (0.5)

– US History B – (1940 – 21st Century) (0.5)

– AP US History (1.0)

– World History I (1.0)

– World History II (1.0)

-World Geography (1.0)

– AP World History (1.0)

– US Government and Civics (0.5)

– Economics (1.0)

– AP European History (1.0)

– Personal Finance (0.5)

– Psychology (1.0)

– AP Psychology (1.0)

– Epic Moments in World Hist. (1.0)


– High School Health (1.0)

– Intro to Social Emotional Learning – High School (0.5)

– Social Emotional Learning – High School (1.0)

–  Medical Terminology (1.0)