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About Us

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436 N. Commerce Street, Lewisburg, Ohio

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Tri-County North Local School District consists of one K-12 grade building with three buildings consisting of our K-4 building, our 5-8 building and our 9-12 building We have an enrollment of approximately 859 students as of fall 2018.

Our mission statement is our district philosophy that guides our leadership, faculty, staff, and students.

“Preparing for Tomorrow by Expecting Excellence Today”

Approximate Enrollment

High School (9-12)


Middle School (5-8)


Elementary School (K-4)




The district encompasses the village of Lewisburg, and includes the surrounding communities of Northeast Preble county, Southeast Darke county, and Northwest Montgomery county. Our district has a long history of supporting public education in the area.. Originally, the Twin Valley Local School district was comprised of two campuses. Twin Valley North was located in Lewisburg and Twin Valley South was located in West Alexandria. After much consideration, the two campuses were deconsolidated into separate districts in 1983. Since then, Tri-County North has graduated 34 classes. Graduates earned over $700,000 in scholarships and awards to public and private colleges and universities in Ohio and across the nation in 2016-2017.

Tri-County North MIddle School/High School (Grades 5-12)

Tri-County North MIddle School and High School serve 560 students in grades 5-12. We are very pleased to offer a college preparatory curriculum as well as many other elective opportunities. 

TCN High School is in the process of continuing to increase the expectations for our students by increasing the number of nationally recognized Advanced Placement (AP) courses and other college preparatory experiences. During the 2016-17 school year, two new courses were added to our course of study. We now offer AP Language and Composition and AP Calculus. With the addition of the State of Ohio College Credit Plus program, we also have increased our offerings and expectations to include courses from Sinclair Community College and Indiana University-East. TCN High School offers CCP courses in Western Civilization, The Federal Government, State and Local Government, Geology, and Advanced College Project English. Within our middle school math curriculum, students who are excelling in mathematics, are offered advanced math courses in grades 6-8. Students may also be eligible for grade-level acceleration within individual subjects. All students are provided with an advisory program during their fifth period class where a teacher works with each student to monitor their educational progress and helps to provide them with guidance on non-cognitive skills like perseverance, career planning, and making positive life choices. Tri-County North Middle and High School students also participate in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) programming. All students in our middle school are provided with introductory courses in STEM, Healthy Living, Career Planning, Art, Band, and Agriculture. For students who are needing additional and alternative support, we offer online curriculum and adjusted schedule for students needing more help. Our library is open and staffed by a licensed ELA educator after school every Monday through Thursday for 45 minutes beyond the school day to allow students to have an opportunity to continue their studies and participate in peer-tutoring.

In addition to providing a college preparatory and general courses of study, Tri-County North is affiliated with the Miami Valley Career Technology Center, which offers 50 vocational programs and Tech Prep courses of study. We also house the MVCTC Vocational Agriculture Satellite program on-campus. The athletic teams compete in the Cross Country Conference.

Tri-County North Elementary School (Grades K-4)

Tri-County North Elementary school serves 299 students in grades K-4. The elementary provides a comprehensive literacy program in grades K-2 called SuperKids and is currently implementing Lucy Calkins Units of Study in Reading and Writing in grades 3-4. Mathematics instruction is provided through the use of the Singapore Math curricular program called Math in Focus. As part of ensuring that every student can be successful, TCNES has built in an intervention/enrichment period during the school day. During this time, in grades 1-3, students are equipped with 1 to 1 iPads and work on a program called E-Spark. This program provides diagnostic data that guides the student’s work in educational apps that allow all students to work on skills and build their knowledge in Reading and Math at their own level. Students in upper grades participate in Genius Hour projects and Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) programming during their intervention and enrichment times. All students participate in weekly Music, Art, Physical Education, and Library classes during their day. Parental involvement is highly encouraged through the WatchDOGS (Dads of Great Students) program and our annual Family Literacy Night programming. 

Curriculum, Instruction, and Technology at Tri-County North Local Schools

The district promotes and supports high achievement with: technology, a Gifted Program, and differentiated professional development for our teaching staff.

In the past three academic years, our district’s curriculum and technology departments have worked jointly to enhance the infrastructure and integration of the district’s technology plans. Since the fall of 2014, TCN has upgraded its wireless routers, created dedicated and secure networks, and has begun to implement a comprehensive purchasing plan to become a Google Chromebook 1 to 1 district by the fall of 2018. As part of this transition to a blended teaching and learning environment, curricular financial resources are being directed to being able to provide more blended (online and traditional print) resources that will provide our students with the knowledge and skills to be successful as we continue into the 21st century.

To improve academic achievement in our district and to be able to better serve all of our students, we have moved our schools from being Title I Targeted Assistance to Title I School-Wide in all three of our buildings. Title I funding is a federal grant that was originally intended to serve struggling students in poverty. However as the program has evolved, and as part of our targeted assistance to school-wide transition, we can now serve all of our students (regardless of their socio-economic status) and provide professional development to our entire teaching staff.

At Tri-County North, our gifted programs are expanding and improving as we have committed ourselves to identifying and providing comprehensive services for our identified students. Our gifted education department is made up of one gifted coordinator and one gifted intervention specialist. The gifted department is working closely with regular classroom teachers to provide professional development about various topics in gifted education including designing engaging and challenging curriculum, as well as, information about the social and emotional needs of gifted children. We provide a variety of services beginning in elementary school that continue through middle school and on into high school. The following are services we offer: pull-out services for superior cognitive, creative thinking, and/or reading and math identifications in second to eighth grade, cluster grouping for reading and/or math in elementary and middle school, acceleration (single subject or whole grade), advanced placement courses, and/or college credit plus courses when appropriate for students.

Extra-Curricular and Community Partnerships

Tri-County North students take great pride in academic and extracurricular accomplishments. The strong support of the PTO (parent teacher organization), Athletic Boosters, Band Boosters, our surrounding business community, local faith communities and local governments enhance the lives of our students and community..

There are many amenities within, and surrounding, this district that is rural by nature yet a very comfortable place to be a permanent resident. Our district’s proximity to Interstate 70 allows for our district and community to have easy access to Dayton, Columbus, and Indianapolis.