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Tournament Ticket Info for Soccer and Volleyball

All tickets for OHSAA Tournament games HAVE to be purchased online...You cannot buy a ticket at the gate, you must purchase online for all OHSAA tournament games in every sport, probably from now until the end of time. Tickets will go on sale for each tournament game up to five days in advance.
Our girls soccer tickets for Monday, Oct. 18th, should now be available...
Our boys soccer tickets for Tuesday, Oct. 19th, should now be available...
Our volleyball tickets for Thursday, Oct. 21st, should be available as of Saturday...
Instructions for purchasing tickets follow:

Listed below is some information directly related to ticketing for the event.
·         Tickets for all OHSAA tournament events are purchased online at
·         There are no cash sales at the events.
·         If you are a current HTT school, you CANNOT use your gameday credit card device to accept payment (it is tied to your stripe account not the tournament box office).
·         Tickets are $8.00 (presale) and $10.00 (gameday, this price begins 3 hours prior to the event start time). 
·         Children 5 and under are free.
·         If a fan arrives with no ticket, they can use their device (or one of the devices scanning, if permissible) to go to to purchase a ticket.  To help avoid fans buying at the door, please communicate along with the other tournament details to the schools competing (as are we!) that tickets are needed for entry, and they are purchased online!

The WOAC Conference is using Ticket Spicket for all ticketing as a conference here in 2021-22. I was a little late to the ball and working with Ticket Spicket to get everything correct in the system. I believe we are now ready to roll. We will begin with ticketing. 

1. For all Home events the prices are as follows $7 for Varsity Football, $6 for all other Varsity sports and $4 for all non-varsity sports. EVERY school in our conference is still selling at the gate gen admission tickets (that will not be the case for all away non WOAC events). If that is your preference, bring cash to the game like always. You may also buy all tickets for either home or away games online and get in with a digital ticket...Just show the ticket taker your ticket on the phone and we can check you in. IF you do this the cost for tickets will be $7.85 for a football game, $6.80 for a varsity contest other than football and $4.70 for a non varsity event. 

2. This fall we will be selling digital passes in the following ways...
Individual Fall Pass:  $45  (No Difference for Adults/Students because All Ticket Prices the Same)
Individual Fall/Winter Pass: $75
Family Fall Pass: (Up to Four)  $160
Family Fall/Winter Pass: $260

If you would like a pass, please follow this link: 
BELOW: I have put two attachments from Ticket Spicket which should help with the purchasing of Online Tickets and Online Passes. 

3. For FALL ATHLETES... We are going to try something discussed but never tried before with our fall athletes. We are going to have check off lists of our various rosters and any fall athlete HS or JH may attend for free any other fall sport EXCEPT FOR FRIDAY NIGHT VARSITY FOOTBALL. The exception is made for football because our football (and boys basketball) gate(s) is a primary source of funding for ALL of our athletic programs. As a result we are charging everyone for it, but any other HS or JH athletic event if you are a fall athlete, you may get in to see your fellow fall athletes compete. We are hoping this helps encourage more students to attend. If this goes well, we will consider doing it also for the winter sports season. 

Again, I'm sorry, it's taken me this long to get this up but we were literally just ready to go with this on the Ticket Spicket website this morning...

A few reminders... the Athletic schedules on the TCN website are as up to date as possible. Any time a change occurs, I immediately make the change here...(There have been approximately ten changes made since Aug. 1, so this is a relevant topic)...This should be a living TCN athletic schedule. Click on the link for it found either on this page or on the High School page on our website. You may click on calendar if you want to look at it that way...You may also click on the season "Fall Sports" and then the particular sport that you want. It is possible to print schedules off of this site as well.

**Also, TCN will be returning to normal OHSAA mandated grade eligibility rules starting with semester one of this year. A quick paraphrase of those rules are that eligibility lasts for nine weeks and is determined by grades the previous nine weeks. HS students must pass Five Solids (any class except Gym Class is a solid) and maintain at least a 1.5 GPA... Middle School students must pass any Five classes and maintain at least a 1.5 GPA...  Thanks!



We are trying to have as normal of a school experience/athletic experience as possible for our student athletes. However, this means we are NOT in a time and place where you can "tough it out and play sick" etc. Parents, if your child is displaying any of the common Covid symptoms such as fever, loss of taste and smell, sore throat, body ache, headache etc, do NOT let them come to school, practice or games. Let your coach know, keep them away from other athletes and please get them tested. For us to have as close to as normal of a year as we can this has to be the behavior every time from all of us... Thanks...

Athletic Job Postings

Athletic Job Postings

We will be posting for our winter job openings that still exist after Labor Day. Thanks...

Please email AD Tony Augspurger.  [email protected]  

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