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Jan. 13th Announcements: Important as Always! Ha

Boys Basketball Announcements for This Weekend

1. Covington is one of our more challenging ticket venues in that we have to presale the tickets here. Players are only allowed two per player, and they clear the gym after the JV game. So, we need to have players or parents bring money to school to give to me (the AD) either during the day Thursday or Friday or I'll be @ the JH game on Thursday night and can sell tickets then...The cost is $6...the parents of guys that dress both JV and varsity only need to purchase one ticket for both games.

2. For the next three away games (@ Covington, @ Preble Shawnee and @ Bethel)... The freshman and JV bus will leave at the conclusion of the freshman game and go back to TCN for parents to pick up their student athletes. Coach Reynolds will accompany the freshman and JV players back on the bus. Parents, please be in touch with your athletes and ready to pick them up when they arrive back @ TCN. Thanks.  

3. Preble Shawnee allows three players per athlete (the normal immediate family rules) but is also clearing the gym after the JV game on Saturday. So we have the same rules on both Friday and Saturday (they allow one more person in on Saturday per player), but you will buy tickets at the door for the Saturday game unlike the Covington presale. 

4. The Miss Valley JH game on Saturday morning will be played in the Miss V high school gym (the older gym in the front building closer to the highway)... Miss Valley just has general admission tickets for JH basketball sold at the door. 

Girls Basketball Announcements for This Week

1. Reminder the girls game tomorrow night @ FM is varsity only and will begin @ 5:30.

2. The JH girls game scheduled for Saturday morning is now going to be played @ Valley View HS, not @ the JH in Farmersville.

Wrestling Change: Due to numbers and transportation issues and a no fans attendance clause, TCN is not wrestling in the Thunderbird Wrestling Invitational this January 29th and 30th. We will look to rejoin again next year, hopefully when circumstances are a little more normal.

Dec. 3rd: TCN Winter Sports Fans Policy Update      (Please Read if You Haven't Yet)  

After evaluating our immediate family lists compiled by our athletes on each team and looking at our crowds from the fall and thus far this winter, we are going to tweak our "immediate family definition" to include grandparents. We are not encouraging grandparents to come with Covid considerations and age involved, however, we are going to count them under the immediate family umbrella, if they would like to attend.

Thus we are listing parents (steps are included), siblings living in the same household and grandparents as eligible to come to TCN home games. At this time we are not mandating that people only attend the game their relative is playing in but we STRONGLY encourage it. We much prefer, for example, that JV immediate family members only stay for JV games, and varsity immediate family members only come for the varsity game. This helps to insure we are easily staying in our less than 15% capacity.

We will be closely monitoring masks, not allowing any food or drink etc. as already mandated, and we will expect families to sit in pods together.  We would prefer, as much as I hate to say it, that families come for their child's game only (JV for JV, varsity for varsity etc.), however, we are not mandating that. We are glad that the OHSAA changed their wording a little bit as we believe our school age and younger siblings should be allowed to attend games. Everyone have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving! 


The Athletic Department will post the gym practice schedule on the website each month... Hopefully, this will be helpful for all coaches, athletes and especially parents. If changes occur from this document it's up to individual coaches to make players aware...

The key for how to read it is as follows: 
G = Girls JV/V
B = Boys JV/V
VB = Varsity Boys Alone
* = Varsity Boys lifting after practice
FB = Freshman Boys Alone
F/JV = Freshman and JV together
JHG = Junior High Girls
JHB = Junior High Boys


Due to the higher rates of Covid infections and due to the way that winter teams practice, our winter sports season is going to be in constant jeopardy. For the most part if any school has a positive test within a team, that team is going to have to go on two week quarantine. It's already causing and will cause a tremendous amount of schedule changes. It's also causing some changes in our procedure.

The biggest change is going to be simply the fall @ TCN we did not play Mask Police. We announced what was expected, we marked socially distant seating inside and outside and we let people adhere as they saw fit. We do not believe we can do that this winter. If we are going to have winter sports we need a commitment from not just our athletes and coaches but also our fans. We are quite simply saying, we're sorry, we really don't care what your mask beliefs are; we are wearing masks at all times at our sporting events. Period. If you can't do that, then stay home. 

As a result, we are at least starting the season not having any concessions and besides players participating in the game drinking their own drinks there will be no food or beverages allowed in the gym. Simply put, there is no viable excuse for masks not to be worn by all spectators at all times. Everything we are doing, we are doing with one goal in mind, to keep our athletes and their families healthy under our watch so that we can play basketball and we can wrestle and we can cheer this winter. We're not going to argue, we're not going to debate, we are asking you for the sake of allowing our athletes to participate to follow the rules put to us, that we are going to enforce. If we have someone refusing to comply, we plan to stop the contest until they comply. If they aren't willing to or if we have to stop a contest for a second time, we will clear the gym of all spectators. We in no way want to do this, however, we are committed to having our athletes have a season if at all possible. 

We are not demanding but we are asking for the possibility of parents/family members to only come to the contest that their son or daughter is playing in...That can enable us to hopefully get more family members/interested spectators in per game. Thanks for your support of TCN athletics. This is an unusual year and we are asking unusual sacrifices from our athletes and our coaches and our fans so that we can at least get the normalcy of playing out our seasons.

Athletic Job Postings

Athletic Job Postings

Current athletic job openings... We are currently looking for multiple assistant coaches for HS Football for the 2021 season. If you have interest, please email AD Tony Augspurger.  [email protected]  

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