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7th Grade Math websites

7th Grade Math websites

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1.  Interactive Math sites organized by benchmarks:

2.  Interactive Math sites organized by benchmarks:

3.  Interactive Math sites organized by benchmarks: SKILLS:

4.  Interactive Math sites organized by benchmarks: SKILL BUILDER:

5.  Interactive Math sites organized by benchmarks: ALGEGRA:

Graphing Calculator:
Graphing Calculator Step by Step Directions for various topics:


1. BOXPLOT online/interactive activity:  Explore maximum, minimum, upper quartile, lower quartile, outliers and draw box plot

2.  BOX PLOT: Annenberg box and whiskers video and practice:

3.  STEM & LEAF PLOT: Annenberg stem and leaf plot interactive practice after explanation:


4.  Simple examples:

5.  5 minute limit per day:  Scatterplot:  Adjust trends to see new scatterplot:  Also an interactive quiz:

6.  Best Fit:  Interactive Tutorial:  with short quiz

7.  Perfect Positive Correlation:  Examples and explanations only:


8.  Generate misleading data representation by manipulating y-axis (scale):      OR

9. Comparing three different types of graphs:

10. Create opposing arguments using same data:
North Canton Excel Activities:  Excel graphs to compare:

11.  Change the values in a data set to see how it affects the  dynamic histogram. Change the interval size of the histogram and see how the graphical respresentation is affected.
(5 minute limit per day on this ExploreLearning Site as a guest.)

12.  CONTINUOUS VS. DISCRETE DATA:  Discussion about a lesson only.

2. MARBLES: online/interactive simulation choosing marbles. Frequency table and graphs are generated online to quickly show experimental and theoretical probability.

3. TWO COLORS: online/interactive simulation choosing 2 colors of balls from boxes. Quickly shows experimental and theoretical probability involving dependent event probability (conditional probability).

4. NUMBER CUBES: online/interactive simulation rolling 2 number cubes. Frequency table and graphs are generated online to quickly show experimental and theoretical probability.

5. NUMBER CUBES: online/interactive simulation rolling 2 number cubes.  Bar graph is generated quickly.

6. TREE DIAGRAMS online/interactive quiz with excellent examples:

7. WINNING EDGE BASKETBALL:   Read the lesson, print the student worksheet to records data:
Download Window's softare to run the simulation of throwing free throws:

8. Skunk Game Online:  Chance or choice?  Continue to roll the number cubes online and stop or until you get a "1" that cancels out your score.

ALGEBRA:Free Worksheets
ABSOLUTE VALUE:  Lesson with simple interactive quiz:



Spy Guys Video Lesson:  choose Lesson 11 Balancing Equations:  After viewing the lesson print the activity sheet and complete it:

Solve equation Online:


Equation Match: Ex. 15 + x = 28

Evaluate simple expressions:  Ex.  a-7   when a=12


Linear Equations:  Index of lessons and interactive practice with answers:

Review for Moving Straight Ahead Book:

Constants:  Interactive demo:  change the cost per minute for phone usage but hole constant the basic charge per month:

Constants:  Use this Pizza Company Menu to make equations using basic charge for pizza as the constant and number of toppings as the variable:


Interactive Demo:  Move slider to change either "m" or "b"

Linear Function Graphing: 

Guess the linear Equation:

Cockroach Simulation:

Round 1 = find the intercept (cockroach crosses y axis)
Round 2= find the slope (two points when cockroach crosses a number -- construct triangle -- divide rise by run (y/x)
Round 3= find slope and intercept
Round 4 = find slope (fraction) and intercept

LINEAR FUNCTIONS:  Telephone Rates Applet:

Graphing  Inequalities:  Overview

Inequalities Lesson & practice

Solve simple inequalities:

Graphing Equations and Inequalities Unit Quiz



Short animated lesson:

Ratio/proportion/rate Applets:,6.9,ALL,ALL/

Spy Guys: Ratio of oj to gingerale in making punch (Use instead of Connected Math Invesigation 2.1 Making Juice)


 Rate used in photography VIDEO:

 Interactive: Scale up to enlarge using equivalent ratios: EXCELLENT

Scale Factor:  Interactive:

SCALE rectangle: Outputs area and perimeter: Discover relationship:

Outputs volume; 

Volume scaling: Worksheet:



Pythagorean Theorem:  Interative Basic Lesson with quiz of word problems

Interative Proofs:

Change Sides:

A2 + B2 = C2



2.  Lessons, glossary, sample problems
3.  Sample homework problems
4.  Math tools, ideas  

5.  Illuminations - Interactive Math Tools

6.  National Library of Virtual Manipulatives for Interactive Mathematics

1. SPINNER: Online/interactive adjustable spinner student can change the area of each colored region. Frequency table and graphs are generated online to quickly show experimental and theoretical probability.